Talent Acquisition Gamification: Are You Up To Speed?

Do You Know What Is Preventing it from Taking Off inside Your Talent Acquisition Strategies?

< Develop A Game Play Mind Set >

   This week Kyle Lagunas, Talent Acquisition Analyst at Brandon Hall Group posted an article on the company blog about Gamification.  I have reposted it inside this commentary (below) for your review.

He questions the reasons for slow progress in the direction of Gamification – within talent related technology and strategies.  An article I penned in March this year “Gamification – Is this the way forward for Talent Engagement?” also asked people to think about the value Gamification might offer the talent practitioner and offered some examples of who are doing some great work in this area at the moment. Read more ›

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Killer Headlines To Get Your Articles Seen!

< Headline Formulas That work >

Must Click Headlines Are The Only Headlines You Should Be Writing

A nice offering from the guys at BufferSocial Blog. So you have something great to say, the problem is; if you don’t get your post viewers to open and read your stuff, then all that effort and endeavour may well be wasted.

Getting your talent community to engage and then learn to trust and value the content you are offering them will falter at the first hurdle if you do not excite them enough to open your great post or article.  Creating killer headlines is the way to do this and the re-posted article from Buffer to follow will give you some great ideas and guidelines from some of the webs top headline writers.

So read on and then go create your own killer headlines! Read more ›

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Do you know what your Employees are thinking – Towers Watson thinks they do!

If you believe an engaged workforce produces excellent business performance, then you need to read this!


Originally Posted on LinkedIn Pulse, Wednesday 17th September 2014

This post has been based on the quotes, stats and comments found in the Towers Watson 2014 “Global Workforce Study” PDF. A Link has been supplied at the end of this post to the PDF summary.  The study wanted to gain an understanding of employee views, from a representative 32,000 employee participants located throughout the major industrial areas of the planet. Read more ›

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Oldie but Goodie: The Future of Corporate Career Sites

A Great Update from Smashfly on the latest trends and thinking around the corporate career site. Very on-message, in my view. Do check it out. To support and to back-up their post also take a look at two of my previous posts in this subject area. http://bit.ly/Corporate-Career-Site-Conundrum and http://bit.ly/Use-Analytics-To-Drive-Candidates-To-Your-Careersite – The Careersite is the digital hub of all your online and social media engagement strategy.

SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Technology Blog

Future of RecruitingWe have written over 700 blog posts on the SmashFly blog and many remain as relevant today as they were when we wrote them. On occasion we will share these posts to show how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go with recruitment marketing as an industry.

The evolution of the Career Site has occurred rapidly over the last decade.  Career Sites are no longer (or should no longer) be static job pages linked together by a single homepage but really act as your recruiting hub for engaging and interfacing with candidates about your company and employment opportunities.

Candidates no longer just want a job search for open positions (although that’s a necessity) but they want to learn about your company and culture so they can make an informed decision on whether or not to apply to your company.  Candidates especially the best ones crave information…

View original post 1,430 more words

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Check Out my recent LinkedIn Long Post

http://ow.ly/Biw6q : Check Out my recent LinkedIn LongPost “Talent Community Holy Grail” and tell me if you know the definition fo Talent Community?

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Eureka: A Low Cost Employer Brand Strategy idea – for everyone

Let’s Turn The Company Newsletter (NL) in to An Employer Branding & Talent Engaging Masterpiece!

< Create A Newsletter Masterpiece >

For many SME’s and all larger Corporate’s, as they grow they soon find the need to pass on information to their employees and no matter the company’s internal skill level it’s a good bet that the idea of creating a periodical newsletter is one of the main ways they look to communicate what’s happening – the great the good the social and the fun, throughout the organisation. Read more ›

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Think Mobile Talent Engagement

Your External Employer Branding and Talent Consumer Engagement is already dead in the water if you are not fully optimised for mobile!

Ok so, what do you agree is the norm?

  • It is vital that organisations interact with Talent Consumers across multiple channels (digital and non digital)
  • Your talent consumer audience expects/wants a positive and seamless brand experience
  • They also want every experience to feel personalised and match their needs and reasons for their initial engagement
  • Each channel or communication touchpoint offer Companies different Talent / Employer Brand goal opportunities

Read more ›

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We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday – No More Social Media for a Week or Two!

< Social Media Summer Holiday >

Any Cliff Richard fans (I am sure there must be some) out there see what I did with the title (sorry)!

We all know that the best way to engage your target audience is provide them stuff that interests them, right?  If you do this well you will achieve your desired goals and have the very people you want to interact with contacting you, sharing your posts, liking your comments and connecting with you, perfect!

Read more ›

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Get Inside Your Audiences Social Media Head

< The Head of Your Talent Consumers >

If you know a little about NLP you may know of the saying “Your Map of the World’ and ‘The Map is not the Territory’.  these terms relate to how individuals view the exact same situations or experiences.

In other words a senior recruiter at a new company is given an exec role to fill as his or her first project will view and feel greatly different to a junior recruiter just promoted to senior and given the exact same brief for the first time.  The ‘territory’ the role requirements, timelines, pressures to fill are the same but the ‘Map’ how each recruiter looks at the task, the feelings they have about the task will more than likely be vastly different.

This is because each persons ‘Map’ is unique to them, based on past experience, (good or bad), state of mind (confidence, fear, motivation) when given the task and many more.  Read more ›

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Great New HCM Cloud Tech Also Means Greater Tech Release Responsibility

< HCM In The Cloud >

 The guys at Bersin reminded me today that we need to be thinking not only of the great benefits to be gained by working with the new SaaS HCM and Talent technology that is or will go on to make achieving our Talent objectives much easier.  What we must also plan for is the speed and ease in which new cloud tech platforms can be upgraded in the cloud. Read more ›

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